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Italian Teacher / French Teacher – worldwide

You are a language school and you are looking for a western educated French and / or Italian Teacher ? Get the two in one! Plus, I am native speaker in both of them.

Serafina Loggia Italian French native teacher

Italian French native teacher

Who I am

Italian espatriate in France for 23 years, I hold the double nationality. Italian and French are both my native languages, I work since 2010 as a certified Translator, Interpreter and Teacher in Italian and in French languages.
teaching - Photo by Education Zen

Teaching – Photo by Education Zen

My experience

I have experience in teaching to students of secondary and higher level, University students and adults professionals through collaborations with various Language Schools in France and I have obtained the agreement of the Regional Directorate of Catholic Education to be a substitute teacher in all of their Schools in the North of France area.
I hold the double citizenship and I am internationally mobile. Graduate in Modern, Foreign Languages (Bachelor in MFL), I have travelled in 5 continents and I have lived and worked in Italy, in France, in Nigeria, in Malta and in New Zealand.

My teaching method

The method I employ is based on the French Curriculum, which is very similar to other leading global systems, including the British curriculum, and on the Common European Framework of References.
During my experience I have also noticed that, to improve a level in a foreign language, activities and demonstrations are more efficient than reading books and doing boring written exercises. In my courses, especially with children, I mostly use the method called “immersion“, which combine the use of the languages with demonstrations and fun activities. During classes, I speak only in the foreign language I am teaching. This leads pupils to get used to the sound of the foreign language, and to naturally start to think and to communicate in this language. I also organise team activities and outings, as it has been proved that communicating and sharing knowledge and experience is the easiest and quick way to efficiently learn a foreign language and I have noticed that young people work more efficiently in team and are more receptive while they learn in various environments and / or situations.  
French Teacher / Italian Teacher - Lagos

Teaching a language to young children works better if it is also fun

The correct pronunciation

I teach my two native languages with a very particular attention to the pronunciation, as I know how difficult can be, for an English speaker, to pronunce – for example – the French ou, u,eu and œu and the Italian gn, sc and gl. It is very important to pronounce correctly, not only to be more credible, but also because a bad pronunciation of an Italian or French word can change its meaning.

The New Technologies

During the language sessions, I successfull use technology tools such as hardware, software, programs, applications, Web sites which are very appreciated by students. There are many ways in which technology engage students and facilitate exciting and interesting lessons.

The mind mapping

I also use the Mind mapping method, which is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain and force pupils to be brief and keep all of the ideas centered around the main idea written in the center.
Here an example of the use of mindmapping about English language:
Learning Engligh with mindmapping

Learning Engligh with mindmapping – Source:

 Teaching experiences

ADISCOS Paris (Language School)

SKEMA BUSINESS SCHOOL Lille (Business School)

ATA FORMATION Villeneuve D’Ascq (Professional Training Center)

INLINGUA Lille (Language School)

AST LANGUAGE SERVICES Lille (Language School)

Private clients

French Teacher / Italian Teacher - Lagos

Teaching a language to adults

Additional training

Nov – Dec 2016 : IFP (Institut de Formation Professionnelle de l’Enseignement Privé Catholique) Teacher Training



Jan 2017 : Lycée Privé Saint-Rémi – Roubaix (France) – (High School, 1236 students)

Feb 2017 : Lycée Privé Sainte Odile – Lambersart (France) – (High School, 328 students)


Some references

“Serafina is an excellent teacher; she is rigorous, dynamic and enthusiastic. She made us (the class) love the Italian language and charms of this country. You can really see her passion and love for this country. My Italian progressed through its courses, both studious and playful.”

Edwige Obaton, Student at Skema Business School, Lille (France)

“Serafina Loggia has always done a very professional job. We recommend her ”

Françoise Bonnier, Director of the Language Centre INLINGUA, Lille (France)

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